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o-Phthalaldehyde cas 643-79-8
cas 643-79-8
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o-Phthalaldehyde cas 643-79-8

chemical properties
Yellow needle-like crystals. The melting point is 54-56°C.
1. This product is a pharmaceutical intermediate, the latest high-efficiency and safe antibacterial disinfectant for external use, used for disinfection and sterilization of endoscopic surgical instruments in hospitals, and can be used to synthesize the new anti-platelet aggregation drug indopofen, and it is also an analytical reagent in the chemical field.
2. Yellow needle-like crystals, mainly used in medicine, dyes, etc. Amino acid derivatization reagent, fluorescence detection, the reaction can be completed in one minute, but the product is unstable and needs to be detected immediately.
3. Mainly used in medicine, dyes, amino acid derivative reagents, etc.
4. Reagents of amine alkaloids, used for the determination of primary amines and peptide bond decomposition products by fluorescence method. Organic Synthesis. Reagent of amine alkaloids, used for determination of primary amines and peptide bond decomposition products by fluorescence method; suitable for pre-column derivatization of amino acids in high performance liquid chromatography separation;
5. Used to measure protein sulfhydryl groups by flow cytometry Application 1. Analytical reagents in the chemical field: as amine alkaloid reagents, used for the determination of primary amines and peptide bond decomposition products by fluorescence method. 2. Organic synthesis: it is also a pharmaceutical intermediate. 3. Fluorescent reagents, used for pre-column HPLC separation of amino acid derivatives, and flow cytometry for measuring protein thiol groups.
6. For medical inspection

Common Name o-Phthalaldehyde
CAS Number 643-79-8 Molecular Weight 134.132
Density 1.2±0.1 g/cm3 Boiling Point 266.1±23.0 °C at 760 mmHg
Molecular Formula C8H6O2 Melting Point 55-58 °C(lit.)
MSDS ofeerUSoffAof Flash Point 98.5±19.6 °C

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